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Puyo Pop Fever
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Puyo Pop Fever
Puyo Pop Fever
Character Voices
Amitie's Voice (English)
Amitie's Voice (Japanese)
Arle's Voice (English)
Arle's Voice (Japanese)
Carbuncle's Voice (English)
Carbuncle's Voice (Japanese)
Dongurigaeru's Voice (English)
Dongurigaeru's Voice (Japanese)
Frankensteins' Voices (English)
Frankensteins' Voices (Japanese)
Hohow Bird's Voice (English)
Hohow Bird's Voice (Japanese)
Klug's Voice (English)
Klug's Voice (Japanese)
Ms. Accord's Voice (English)
Ms. Accord's Voice (Japanese)
Ocean Prince's Voice (English)
Ocean Prince's Voice (Japanese)
Onion Pixy's Voice (English)
Onion Pixy's Voice (Japanese)
Oshare Bones' Voice (English)
Oshare Bones' Voice (Japanese)
Popoi's Voice (English)
Popoi's Voice (Japanese)
Raffine's Voice (English)
Raffine's Voice (Japanese)
Rider's Voice (English)
Rider's Voice (Japanese)
Tarutaru's Voice (English)
Tarutaru's Voice (Japanese)
Yu's Voice (English)
Yu's Voice (Japanese)
Character Select Voices (English)
Character Select Voices (Japanese)
Sound Effects
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