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Feb 21, 2017
10:23 PM
Calmvolt Game:
Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories
Where is Axel voice?
Feb 21, 2017
9:14 PM
MarioFreak2001 Sound:
Knuckles the Echidna's Voice
o h n o
Feb 20, 2017
1:40 PM
SuperTVGRFan18496 Game:
Dream: Land of Giants (Cancelled) (Project Dream)
if this before Banjo-Kazooie
Feb 19, 2017
7:47 AM
Dazz Sound:
Unused Sound Effects
Note from submitter: These sound effects were not added to the game. These sound effects were found inside a floppy disk originally used by the Rare developers around the time when Dream was currently in development. This is the SNES version of a cancelled game from Rare that later become a game we all know and grew up loving to play with back in our child hoods today, Banjo Kazooie! Many thanks goes to Chris_Cube for finding these if not for him I don't know what will happen to these if he did not saved that floppy. He just rescued a true piece of Rare's history with Dream! Unfortunately, the floppy only has four files while the rest were deleted by Rare staff at the time.
Feb 17, 2017
11:29 AM
Zirothos Game:
Street Fighter V
over 90% of the sound files for version 1.10 have been hosted in my thread
since the beginning of November 2016

there will be no more additions besides the pending 1.10 sets until a year after season 2 has been out
Feb 16, 2017
11:53 AM
Greg_Fakelastname Game:
Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec
Erm... I think the sounds shouldn't all just be in one folder... that's just me.
Feb 16, 2017
12:13 AM
Chirz Game:
Lunar Knights
This game needs more rips! Seriously!
Feb 15, 2017
8:52 AM
Jacinta burke Sound:
Some of the story cutscene sounds are missing, though.
Feb 15, 2017
8:49 AM
Jacinta burke Game:
Street Fighter V
I agree with AndrewXDerby. When will there be any new sounds from this game?
Feb 11, 2017
3:46 AM
Craft_Mesa Game:
Mega Man X
I feel as if you should name your SFX as what the SFX is, as I am sick of fumbleing around and checking every sound, just to find one sound.
Feb 8, 2017
7:35 PM
Pablo1989 Game:
Street Fighter V
AndrewXDerby Even Dead or Alive 5 sounds on other site went unfinished by uploaded Marie Rose & Mila voice sets only.
Feb 7, 2017
11:36 PM
plasma29 Game:
Sonic the Hedgehog
Yeah! im looking for this for long time.
Feb 7, 2017
5:58 PM
AndrewXDerby Game:
Street Fighter V
You guys never uploaded any new sounds from this game, and I'm starting to think you never will! What's taking so long with the updates?!
Feb 6, 2017
12:16 PM
Puterboy1 Game:
Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens
I have yet to see some dialogue because these voice clips are mostly just vocal effects of grunts, screams, laughs, etc.
Feb 6, 2017
9:11 AM
puggsoy Game:
Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition
People will submit sounds when they can and want to. In any case you're not allowed to request outside of the request section of the forum. Please read the rules.
Feb 5, 2017
4:10 PM
Miles Quickster Sound:
All Sounds (1 / 2)
Some of these WAVs are distorted, but overall, this is great!
Feb 3, 2017
7:37 PM
iteachvader Sound:
Sound Effects
Thanks to whoever updated this with proper filenames.
Still haven't figured out how to discern metadata yet.
Feb 3, 2017
3:50 PM
NinelivesBobcat Game:
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Not requesting here, but I wish someone ripped the audio files from the GCN game especially the voices. I don't know how to do it but I assume they can be found in audiorom.img which I have no idea how to open or extract.
Feb 3, 2017
10:04 AM
Partcline Game:
Mario Kart Wii
Is it possible to include more SFX in the future?
Feb 2, 2017
4:46 PM
Ninjacat2017 Game:
Shadow the Hedgehog
Hi I was wondering if you'll do the weapon sound effects
Feb 1, 2017
9:33 AM
ParpikaMario Game:
Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Voice Japanese Please!
Jan 31, 2017
3:26 PM
TheWinter Game:
I knew if I waited these would come out! Thank you for the upload!
Jan 29, 2017
9:50 AM
gnbman Sound:
Man, these things were scary.
Jan 27, 2017
10:02 PM
RafaLuigi Game:
Mario Party 10
This page is super slow to accept the files!
Jan 27, 2017
8:07 PM
PikaChris Game:
Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam
I'm shocked no one attempted to rip models from these games. Regardless, glad to see some attention being put on these games.
Jan 25, 2017
7:12 PM
Random Talking Bush Game:
Updated all of the Hero Voices (except Pharah, Torbjörn and Winston) and Athena to be up to date with v1.
Jan 25, 2017
10:41 AM
SupremeKingDragonZarc Sound:
Dark Orange
I just saw a video on Dark Orange EX, and I've heard some clips there that aren't in the folder
Jan 17, 2017
6:34 PM
Neon Streak Sound:
NPC Dialogue (Spooky Swamp)
These sounds are superb
This level gave me nightmares
Thanks for uploading!
Jan 16, 2017
5:01 AM
pizzapie98 Game:
Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
¿Any more voice clips? I like to have this voice clips.
Jan 15, 2017
2:11 PM
SiFi270 Game:
Wolfenstein 3D
It should probably be clarified that these are ripped from the Mac version rather than the DOS version. They're very different games.
Jan 13, 2017
9:17 PM
TheHappyFaceKing Game:
Super Mario 3D World
Is the sound for collecting a Mega Shroom In this?
Jan 13, 2017
10:38 AM
TwisterWithATrickster Game:
Someone should read the text in the comment box.
Jan 12, 2017
6:06 PM
DigitalDiamal Game:
Someone should try ripping the levels and the creature creator background. (I don't care for the creature parts.)
Jan 10, 2017
5:10 PM
trainhobovegas Game:
Fallout 4
One down, fifty-four more to go
Jan 10, 2017
10:14 AM
ZoядkдяoZ Game:
Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut
Duuuuuuuude... I know this has been... heh... a year old... but those voices you have are incredible quality! How did you do it?

The PC version's voices sound muffled even with Better SADX. I went through ripping the voices straight out of my own physical gamecube copy, and a digital one that I've snatched elsewhere. Turns out, these voices sound the same as pc = muffled, icky, low quality.

So eh? How did you manage to rip them with good quality exactly? What tools did you use? I hope you'll get to see this message, because now that the Dreamcast version revival mod (yep) and fixes finally happened, what we're trying to do as a next step further is to fix the disastrous audio volumes on the pc port. The sound effects have volumes that are not matching on the same level; some are low, some are high. The quality on sound effects are good though. The voices however, have poor quality.

It's bogus enough how even when ripping them out of my physical copy, they still come out muffled. Here, I'll show you the difference:

Yours =
(I labeled it “GameCube SADX Voices” long before finding out they were muffled too, from my own physical copy & digital one)

PC port =
(Also going to say GameCube port since ripping these keep coming out muffled)

Really appreciate your help if you can tell how you ripped the voices in good quality. Would do lot of love for this port!
Jan 6, 2017
9:21 PM
Random Talking Bush Game:
@trainhobovegas: I'm using both OverTool and CascExplorer for that. I do also have all of the sound effects extracted, but I'm currently pondering how I'm gonna go about separating and uploading them all (there's close to 600MB across 15,246 unnamed files with only ID numbers, plus I still need to remove the music files and such).
Jan 6, 2017
8:39 PM
trainhobovegas Game:
What kind of tools did you use for extraction? Reason why I'm asking is because, if those voices could be ripped, what about weapons. If that could be done, so can anybody else.
Jan 1, 2017
3:58 PM
Pingu! Game:
Deer Avenger
The sound effects have lots of fuzziness in them, as the game was pre-2000's. Made in 1998, this was ripped straight from the CD, and was the quality of voice acting at the current age.
Jan 1, 2017
1:27 PM
Random Talking Bush Sound:
General Sound Effects (A-E)
Finally-finally brought up to date with v3.4. Had to split it into three archives due to the combined file size, though.
Dec 29, 2016
6:48 PM
iteachvader Sound:
Sound Effects
I applaud the ripper for making the impossible possible.
I've been wanting to do this one for years!
Dec 27, 2016
12:10 AM
Random Talking Bush Game:
@TheWinter: I've actually got the rest extracted (minus Athena's for now, I have no idea how I'm gonna go about doing so with the current tools) and I'm working on organizing them, so you can definitely expect to see 'em up here in the near future.

Gonna be a bugger making sure everything's up to date when I do so, though.
Dec 26, 2016
11:18 PM
TheWinter Game:
How far are you going to take the voice uploads for OW? I know that there are 13 languages for all these characters so I am curious if you are going to just do the English sounds or eventually upload the other languages.
Dec 26, 2016
9:25 AM
Random Talking Bush Sound:
Editor Sounds
@KMEDITS2: Because they're stored in multiple sound archives in-game.
Dec 26, 2016
2:28 AM
Editor Sounds
Why is it in seperate folders.
Dec 25, 2016
9:14 PM
victor639514 Game:
War Thunder
Hello there!

I have a query. Which program did you use to extract the FSB files, and also, how did you convert the OGG/Celt files (most of which are unplayable)?
Dec 25, 2016
4:06 PM
Random Talking Bush Game:
Updated all of the Hero Voices (except Ana, Bastion, Symmetra and Widowmaker) and the Miscellaneous Voices to be up to date with v1. and PTR v1. If there's something missing (due to a potential missing key), don't hesitate to let me know!
Dec 23, 2016
4:53 AM
Random Talking Bush Sound:
Costume Mario: Miscellaneous Game Characters (Event Courses)
Added the sounds for Dr. Kawashima.
Dec 22, 2016
1:22 PM
SupremeKingDragonZarc Game:
Megadimension Neptunia VII
Would it be possible to add event voices?
Dec 19, 2016
11:42 AM
Vanilluxe92 Game:
7th Dragon III Code: VFD
There will be the voices as well?
Dec 18, 2016
6:09 AM
TwisterWithATrickster Sound:
All Sounds
Thank you, I shall do so!
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