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Oct 21, 2018
7:48 AM
Internet Frog Game:
Mario Kart 8
Does this have the shell approaching noise?
Oct 21, 2018
5:56 AM
Twister Update:
The Spooky Month Spooks On
Almost? My dude, Halloween is all day, every day.
Oct 21, 2018
2:53 AM
Pingu! Update:
The Spooky Month Spooks On
I thought it was Christmas
Oct 19, 2018
8:36 PM
Twister Game:
Toonami: Trapped in Hyperspace (Beta)
This is only the recently discovered beta version. TOMYSSHADOW is still working to find the final version of the game so this is all I can provide you for now.
Oct 18, 2018
3:41 PM
CorruptTurret Game:
I'd advise against mp3. It's lossy. Ask for wav. WMM has support (as does nearly every piece of software today).
Oct 18, 2018
7:04 AM
MrTwinsi Game:
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
@P-P thanks, i found Sidon voices thank to you ! :)
But in the "Miscellaneous Voices" there is only the voice of King Dorephan (NV_Zora003) and not the other NPCs :/ .
Oct 17, 2018
4:36 PM
TryyalAzureboarder Game:
@Twister I was just wondering if someone could make the files .mp3 for more accessibility. If you can't, or don't have the time, that's fine. I currently have Audacity so I was able to switch them to .mp3 files so I could use them in Movie Maker.
Oct 17, 2018
1:49 AM
titanstrider Game:
Street Fighter V
Hi may I ask how your progress is?
Oct 14, 2018
4:49 PM
Untitled-1 Sound:
All Sounds
Why. Aren't. They. Organized.
Oct 13, 2018
8:31 PM
P-P Game:
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
The Zora NPCs are in "Miscellaneous Voices", and Sidon is in "Miscellaneous Voices (English)". (Or whichever language you prefer.)
Oct 13, 2018
12:51 PM
MrTwinsi Game:
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Hello ! that is a wonderfull work ! But there is no Zora voices ? like NPCs and Sidon ? they haven't been found yet or are they not present ? (like re-use of other voices, it would be strange since Some Zora NPCs do have specific voices like kodah or Laflat for exemple).
Oct 12, 2018
11:08 PM
Superjustinbros Sound:
Sound Effects
Huge shoutout to Raccoon Sam for the help in getting one of the sounds in this package (and for the English translation that made this rip possible).
Oct 10, 2018
4:24 PM
fer17 Game:
Street Fighter V
please only akuma/gouki sound effects and voice.
Oct 10, 2018
3:52 PM
ROBLOXNoob246 Game:
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles
or is this Sonic And Knuckles?
Oct 10, 2018
3:26 PM
SickMiner Game:
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
Does anyone happen to have the music that plays in the background in the first cutscene where Uka Uka confronts Cortex?
Oct 9, 2018
2:01 AM
plasma29 Game:
Adventure Island
Great game !!!
Oct 7, 2018
7:54 AM
Jargon_Madjin Game:
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
There's dragons in Oblivion?
Oct 7, 2018
7:51 AM
Jargon_Madjin Game:
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Nothing from the DLCs yet? Had to read the names multiple times to see if Miraak was up there, lol - No rush of course
Oct 6, 2018
10:21 PM
R.O.B.25 Game:
Hyrule Warriors
A full list of sounds would be great! I'll wait as well.
Oct 4, 2018
9:30 PM
David34 Game:
Monster Hunter XX
Any chance sounds other than Barufaruku will be uploaded? Such as potion drinking sounds, other bosses, ect?
Oct 1, 2018
4:45 PM
ROBLOXNoob246 Game:
Sonic Mania
my fav game on switch i use it to find glitch like pink tails normal sup sonic black character get fox stuck in ground enter AIZ in mania mode (UNUSED) and get my combi SUP MODE!!!! (AIZ IN MANIA MODE ONLY)
Sep 29, 2018
4:05 AM
R.O.B.25 Game:
Fire Emblem Warriors
I've been waiting for this. Thank you so much!
Sep 29, 2018
3:29 AM
CorruptTurret Game:
Fire Emblem Warriors
if anyone wants to look at all the extracted things (grunts, japanese voices, dlc)
(lol Toynota10 I forgot there are threads like this)
Sep 29, 2018
3:14 AM
Toynota10 Game:
Fire Emblem Warriors
Wow, thanks! If you wanna make these public, feel free since you worked so hard to get these! It was pretty cool that you got these as fast as you did when you didn't have too. Thank you.
Sep 29, 2018
3:10 AM
CorruptTurret Game:
Fire Emblem Warriors
PM-ed the three of you.
Sep 28, 2018
8:41 PM
AtomicLugia Sound:
Pokémon Cries
Oh my god, I can't be more thankful!
Sep 28, 2018
8:34 PM
R.O.B.25 Game:
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Love that (Ultimate) reference!
Sep 28, 2018
8:26 PM
R.O.B.25 Game:
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Link's Master Cycle Zero sounds and his Sheikah Slate horn sound too, please?
Sep 27, 2018
10:48 PM
Toynota10 Game:
Soulcalibur II
You gonna do Soul Calibur VI when that comes out?
Sep 27, 2018
9:45 PM
NolynThePerlerPerson Sound:
All Sound Effects
Sep 27, 2018
9:44 PM
R.O.B.25 Game:
Fire Emblem Warriors
I'm glad Fire Emblem Warriors has gotten some good voice links so far. I'm new here, by the way,
And I don't mean to be rude, but I am waiting patiently, too. It's just that I don't see any grunts yet.
Sep 27, 2018
5:59 AM
JJTheGamerTV Sound:
Super Mario Bros. Sounds
where's the normal jump sound?
Sep 26, 2018
4:49 PM
DavidVi11aronga Sound:
PK F r E e Z e
Sep 24, 2018
1:35 PM
Fernie Fernandez Game:
House of the Dead 4
The lack of the zombie SFX and the rest of bosses' feels...incomplete...!
Sep 23, 2018
11:11 AM
Kennon42 Game:
Super Mario Galaxy
Is anyone working on the general SFX's? or is this dead?
Sep 23, 2018
8:32 AM
jiazji Sound:
Knuckles the Echidna's Voice
oh no
Sep 23, 2018
5:13 AM
Kennon42 Sound:
General Sound Effects
Which ones are the footstep sounds?
Sep 23, 2018
3:04 AM
TheFreakingNerd Game:
Persona 5
Will we be seeing the sound effects anytime soon?
Sep 20, 2018
2:22 AM
KevinBlue Game:
Super Mario Bros. 3
Sep 20, 2018
12:33 AM
AzadcanMation Sound:
Miles "Tails" Prower's Voice
Sep 19, 2018
8:40 AM
idkw2d Game:
Random Talking Bush, could you plz export Korean voice? Thx for read.
Sep 15, 2018
4:13 PM
Red Death Game:
Mortal Kombat X
can we get an update please~
Sep 14, 2018
8:37 PM
TickedOffJosh Sound:
All Sound Effects
That sound when you hit the future sign never gets old
Sep 13, 2018
9:51 PM
CorruptTurret Game:
Fire Emblem Warriors
Grunts submitted. Heck yeah.
Sep 12, 2018
11:56 PM
Twister Game:
@TryyalAzureboarder what do you mean? All the files are ogg.
Sep 12, 2018
2:01 PM
TryyalAzureboarder Game:
BTW,can we get some .mp3 sounds in here?
Sep 11, 2018
11:59 PM
TryyalAzureboarder Game:
@Rox Lord only knows, Rox. Lord only knows...
Sep 11, 2018
1:34 AM
Kleiner-Jay Game:
Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning
i hate detentions!
Sep 8, 2018
7:10 PM
Sonikku A Game:
Mario Kart Arcade GP DX
Due to Jr not being in the past 2 GP games, his voice clips are not HQ versions of Double Dash voice clips. A shame too, his current voice sucks
Sep 6, 2018
5:15 PM
JJTheGamerTV Game:
Super Mario 64
It was probably suppose to be lower pitched,
and used for when bowser was grabbed
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