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Goku Black (Rose Ultra)
Category Mobile
Character Voices (Japanese)
Submitter LostImbecile
Size 2.67 MB
Format ZIP (application/zip)
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Zip Contents[126]
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_001_vc_step.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_002_vc_step.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_003_vc_dash.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_004_vc_dash.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_005_vc_kidame.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_006_vc_dokabaki_win.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_007_vc_dokabaki_win.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_008_vc_dokabaki_lose.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_009_vc_dokabaki_lose.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_010_vc_rising_fail.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_011_vc_rising_fail.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_012_vc_atk_s.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_013_vc_atk_s.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_014_vc_atk_s.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_015_vc_atk_s.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_016_vc_atk_s.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_017_vc_atk_s.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_018_vc_atk_l.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_019_vc_atk_l.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_020_vc_atk_l.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_021_vc_atk_l.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_022_vc_atk_l.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_023_vc_atk_l.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_024_vc_atk_renzokukidan.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_025_vc_atk_renzokukidan.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_026_vc_abnomal_state.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_027_vc_abnomal_state.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_028_vc_paralyze.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_029_vc_paralyze.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_030_vc_faint.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_031_vc_faint.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_032_vc_dmg_s.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_033_vc_dmg_s.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_034_vc_dmg_s.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_035_vc_dmg_s.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_036_vc_dmg_s.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_037_vc_dmg_l.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_038_vc_dmg_l.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_039_vc_dmg_l.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_040_vc_ko.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_041_vc_ko.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_042_vc_ko.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_043_vc_ko.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Battle/532_044_vc_ko.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Card Art/532_001_4.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Card Art/532_002_2.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Card Art/532_003_3.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Card Art/532_004_1.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Card Art/532_005_0.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Cover Rescue/532_001_change_rescue.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Cover Rescue/532_002_change_rescue.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Cover Rescue/532_a_001_change_rescue.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Cover Rescue/532_a_002_change_rescue.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Cover Rescue/cc_scythe_001_3.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Cover Rescue/cc_scythe_002_1.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Cover Rescue/cc_scythe_003_0.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Cover Rescue/cc_scythe_004_2.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Greencard/ex_appeal_001_Cue_0.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Homescreen/gacha_card_vc_gokublackrose_532_001_0.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Intro/532_001_vc_appear_0.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Intro/532_002_vc_appear.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Main Ability/532_001_vc_ability_cutin.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Main Ability/532_002_vc_ability_cutin.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Main Ability/532_003_vc_ability_cutin.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Main Ability/532_004_vc_ability_cutin.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Main Ability/532_005_vc_ability_cutin.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Normal Change/532_001_change_norm.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Normal Change/532_002_change_norm.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Normal Change/532_003_change_norm.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Normal Change/532_004_change_norm.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Normal Entrance/532_001_vc_appear.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Normal Entrance/532_002_vc_appear.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Normal Entrance/532_003_vc_appear.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Normal Entrance/532_004_vc_appear.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Normal Entrance/532_005_vc_appear.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Normal Entrance/532_006_vc_appear.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Rising Rush/532_001_vc.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Rising Rush/532_002_vc.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Rising Rush/532_003_vc.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Rising Rush/532_004_vc.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Change/532_a_001_change_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Change/532_a_002_change_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Change/532_a_003_change_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_a_001_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_a_002_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_b_001_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_c_001_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_d_001_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_d_002_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_e_001_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_f_001_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_f_002_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_g_001_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_g_002_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_i_001_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_i_002_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_j_001_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_j_002_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_k_001_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_k_002_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_l_001_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_m_001_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_o_001_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_p_001_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_q_001_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_q_002_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Entrance/532_q_003_rival.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Move/sp_slashwave_001_2.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Move/sp_slashwave_002_1.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Special Move/sp_slashwave_003_0.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Ultimate/ut_cloneattack_001_Cue_0.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Ultimate/ut_cloneattack_002_Cue_3.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Ultimate/ut_cloneattack_003_Cue_4.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Ultimate/ut_cloneattack_004_Cue_8.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Ultimate/ut_cloneattack_005_Cue_6.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Ultimate/ut_cloneattack_006_Cue_7.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Ultimate/ut_cloneattack_007_Cue_5.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Ultimate/ut_cloneattack_008_Cue_2.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Ultimate/ut_cloneattack_009_Cue_1.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Ultimate/ut_cloneattack_010_Cue_9.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Winscreen/532_001_vc.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Winscreen/532_002_vc.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Winscreen/532_003_vc.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Winscreen/532_004_vc.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Winscreen/532_005_vc.ogg
  • Goku Black (Rose Ultra)/Winscreen/532_006_vc.ogg
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