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Super Smash Bros.
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Super Smash Bros.
Super Smash Bros.
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Oct 4, 2023, 7:52 PM
The strike SFX in the US version tho

so powerful
Dec 22, 2022, 9:45 AM *
I just found the code for the System Debug. 800A4AD0 0003 for the USA version and 800A2A90 0003 for the Japan version. you can find "fgm" which contains all sounds and voices including the unused ones.
Dec 2, 2022, 1:59 PM *
@Random Talking Bush: That's right! Doorhenge got banned, because he posted the Super Mario 64 sound effects .ZIP file which has files dated June 3rd, 2006, which predates the creation of The Sounds Resource!
In other words, it should be noted that this soundrip was created before The Sounds Resource opened or was even created! This soundpack was actually created by the former MFGG administrator Trasher, not the user who submitted it on The Sounds Resource!
Nov 14, 2022, 2:55 PM
@Tristan0824: "Some person deleting Mario 64" would be me. It came to our attention a while back that the user responsible for submitting the Super Mario 64 sounds (and a bunch of others) actually stole them from Mario Fan Games Galaxy, so they were removed because of which.
Nov 14, 2022, 2:22 PM
This is now the most popular due to some person deleting mario 64
Nov 6, 2022, 9:09 PM
Nov 6, 2022, 3:57 PM
@BielSpyG3: We don't allow music due to legal reasons.
Nov 6, 2022, 3:44 PM
where is the music
Sep 7, 2020, 2:34 AM
Some of the sound effects aren't even here lol.
Feb 28, 2019, 9:17 AM
Why there's not the unused sound effects?
Aug 26, 2018, 4:30 AM
I couldn't find Samus' Star KO sound at FGM 576, within either of the zip files.
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