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Muddy Mudskipper's Voice
Filesize 237.50 KB
Submitter Habib987874
Format ZIP
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Zip Contents[13]
  • Muddy Mudskipper/NICKSNDS.3CN_Hey kid you did all___.wav
  • Muddy Mudskipper/NICKSNDS.3CN_I crawled my way up___.wav
  • Muddy Mudskipper/NICKSNDS.3CN_I know don't sweat it_.wav
  • Muddy Mudskipper/NICKSNDS.3CN_I was once a lousy___.wav
  • Muddy Mudskipper/NICKSNDS.3CN_Me_ I'm hooked_ get it_.wav
  • Muddy Mudskipper/NICKSNDS.3CN_Pss_ hey kid say your___.wav
  • Muddy Mudskipper/NICKSNDS.3CN_Someday your gonna be___.wav
  • Muddy Mudskipper/NICKSNDS.3CN_Well kid this is your___.wav
  • Muddy Mudskipper/NICKSNDS.3CN_Well_ what's the matter_.wav
  • Muddy Mudskipper/NICKSNDS.3CN_Yeah_ Yeah.wav
  • Muddy Mudskipper/NICKSNDS.3CN_You're gonna be great_.wav
  • Muddy Mudskipper/NICKSNDS.3CN_You lousy bum.wav
  • Muddy Mudskipper/NICKSNDS.3CN_You want to make it___.wav
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