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Character Voices
Admiral Swiggins's Voice
Ayla's Voice
Chucho Krokk's Voice
Clunk's Voice
Coco Nebulon's Voice
Deadlift's Voice
Derpl Zork's Voice
Froggy G's Voice
Genji's Voice
Gnaw's Voice
Ix the Interloper's Voice
Jimmy/Amy and the LUX5000's Voice
Ksenia's Voice
Leon Chameleon's Voice
Max Focus's Voice
Nibbs's Voice
Penny Fox's Voice
Penny Fox's Voice (Beta)
Professor Milton Yoolip's Voice
Raelynn's Voice
Rocco's Voice
Scoop's Voice
Sentry X-58's Voice
Sheriff Lonestar's Voice
SkĂžlldir's Voice
Skree's Voice
Ted McPain's Voice
Vinnie & Spike's Voice
Voltar's Voice
Yuri's Voice
Character Voices (Premium Skins)
Admiral Swiggins (Abyssal Swiggins)'s Voice
Chucho Krokk (Skull Chopper Chucho)'s Voice
Coco Nebulon (Cyber Coco)'s Voice
Coco Nebulon (Wicked Coco)'s Voice
Derpl Zork (Ahrpl)'s Voice
Derpl Zork (Ahrpl)'s Voice (Beta)
Genji (Grim Genji)'s Voice
Gnaw (Gnabot)'s Voice
Gnaw (Gnariachi)'s Voice
Ix the Interloper (Seraph Ix)'s Voice
Jimmy/Amy and the LUX5000 (Sir Jimmy Lionheart)'s Voice
Ksenia (Dragon Huntress Ksenia)'s Voice
Leon Chameleon (Ghost Leon)'s Voice
Leon Chameleon (Leon Pirate)'s Voice
Max Focus (Malicious Max)'s Voice
Nibbs (Battle Nibbs)'s Voice
Professor Milton Yoolip (8-Bit Yoolip)'s Voice
Rocco (Electronic Supersonic Cybertronic)'s Voice
Scoop (Bravely Scoop IV: Eternal Fantasy)'s Voice
Scoop (Wraithlord Scoop)'s Voice
Sentry X-58 (Giga Sentorii)'s Voice
Sentry X-58 (Specimen X-58)'s Voice
Sheriff Lonestar (Loninator)'s Voice
Skree (Skreeletor)'s Voice
Ted McPain (Party Boy McPain)'s Voice
Ted McPain (Scourge Captain McPain)'s Voice
Ted McPain (Titanium Ted)'s Voice
Announcer Voices
Announcer (Borbl Birk)
Announcer (Coco Nebulon)
Announcer (Ghosthouse)
Announcer (Papa Gnaw, Older Revision)
Announcer (Papa Gnaw)
Announcer (Rockstar)
Announcer (S.U.S.I.)
Announcer (Scrolls of Xipang)
Announcer (Skree)
Announcer (SlowWolf)
Announcer (The Mind Collection)
Announcer (Voltar)
Announcer (Wildlife)
Announcer (Wraithlord Scoop)
General Sound Effects (A-E)
General Sound Effects (F-P)
General Sound Effects (Q-Z)
Tutorial (Part 1)
Tutorial (Part 2)
Tutorial Voices (Placeholder)
Tutorial Voices (pre-v4.0)
Console Genre Developers
PC / Computer Fighting Developer coming soon!
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