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One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows
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Category PC / Computer
Sounds 14
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One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows
One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows
Voices (English)
Atomic Samurai
Carnage Kabuto
Child Emperor
Hellish Blizzard (Fubuki)
Lightning Max
Metal Bat
Metal Knight
Mosquito Girl
Watchdog Man
Console Genre Developers
PC / Computer Fighting Developer coming soon!
Pending Sounds: 20
  • Amai Mask (Sweet Mask)
  • Deep Sea King
  • Garou
  • Genos
  • Lightning Max
  • Mumen Rider
  • Puri-Puri Prisoner
  • Saitama
  • Silver Fang (Bang)
  • Snakebite Sneck
  • Speed-o'-Sound Sonic
  • Spring Mustachio
  • Stinger
  • Suiryu
  • Tanktop Black Hole
  • Tanktop Master
  • Tanktop Tiger
  • Terrible Tornado (Tatsumaki)
  • Vaccine Man
  • Watchdog Man
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Apr 8, 2021, 1:22 AM
@Uknowni123 theres no problem, i mean if you do japanese voices the priority would be the voices in battle not in story mode, like the screams and when they do an atack like saitama with the serious punch, if knew how to do it, il do it myself because i only want the in battle japanese voices
if you could do that, that would be fantastic since the original voices are pretty amazing
fantastic work keep it up!
Apr 7, 2021, 5:16 PM *
This is a rip in progress. I have to separate the story voice files from the gameplay voice files due to a policy change on the Sounds Resource (they're all mixed together in the game's files), so characters with lots of dialogue such as Saitama and Genos are going to be rough to sort. And doing the Japanese voices will be especially awkward cause I don't speak Japanese...
Apr 6, 2021, 10:32 PM
japanese voices would be epic and also Tatsumaki and Genos voices !
also thanks for the rips :3
Apr 4, 2021, 12:59 AM
Still this is pretty good, but still if you can get the japanese voices that would be AMAZING!
keep it up friend
Apr 4, 2021, 12:56 AM
Ohhh really? no saitama or genos?
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