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Luna (Map: Paris)
Category PC / Computer
Non-Playable Characters
Submitter GameBoy2936
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Zip Contents[77]
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F7A-(French) Men will brag about the girls they’ve left over the years.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F7B-(French) But when a woman breaks their heart, that bravado turns to tears.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F7C-(polite, interested sound).ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F7D-(polite, disinterested sound).ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F7E-(polite, neutral sound).ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F7F-(polite, disinterested sound).ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F8A-(French) Aren’t you the cutest thing.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F8C-(French) If you're going to look at me that way, you may leave.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F8D-(French) You’re staring, darling. See something you like_.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F8E-(polite, deeply disinterested sound).ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F77-(French) The door is that way, darling.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F78-(French) A cowboy! I’ve only seen one of those in the movies. You’re far from home, aren’t you_.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F79-(French) It’s rare to find a human who isn’t threatened by Omnic prosperity. I don’t scare you, do I_.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F80-(French) Back again, Madame Guillard_ It’s good to see you.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F81-(French) Love is cruel, and I am crueler, for I’m never satisfied.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F82-(French) If love’s a game, I like to win, even if I make you cry.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F83-(French) Mama would tell me I was cruel for making good men weep.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F84-(French) But like a cat, I’m free at heart, and I always land on my feet.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F85-(French) You always request that song, “When It Rains Upon the Seine.” It must be special to you.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F86-(French) You remind me of someone. Another monk, who came in and watched me sing.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F87-(French) Hello, cousin. The cat walks high upon the wall.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F88-(French) Cabaret Luna is a place for us--where Omnics are not afraid to be themselves.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057F89-(French) How rare! I’ve never seen anyone quite like you before.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000057FFF-(French) You’ve been wonderful, but we’re getting close to the end.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005800A-(French) Hello, darling. You’re a sight for sore eyes.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005800B-(French) Ah, it’s good to see you again.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005800C-(French) You look like you’ve never met an Omnic singer before.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005800D-(French) This is the Cabaret Luna, and I am Luna. Welcome.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005800E-(French) Cabaret Luna is a place of respite. Here, you can let everything go... even if just for a minute. Or, und.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005800F-(French) Don’t chase stray sunbeams-rainclouds follow.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058000-(French) This is the last song in my set.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058001-(French) Any last requests_.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058002-(pained gasp).ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058003-(French) Get out!.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058004-(French) Stop that!.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058005-(pained gasp).ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058006-(expression of dismay).ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058007-(pained gasp).ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058008-(expression of dismay).ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058009-(expression of dismay).ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005801A-(French) You've returned for the encore.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005801B-(French) Security!.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005801C-(French) Take your fights outside.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005801D-(French) If you keep that up, we’re going to have to ask you to leave.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005801E-(French) No weapons in here!.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005801F-(pained sound).ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058010-(French) What would you like to hear, cherie_.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058011-(French) The wet-winged sparrow flies from the coming storm.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058012-(French) Have a seat, relax. Tonight, you’re a guest.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058013-(French) The cat walks high atop the wall. Despite the height, it fears no fall.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058014-(French) I’m still taking requests. What would you like to hear_.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058015-(French) (laugh) Aren’t you charming!.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058016-(French) Are you enjoying your stay in Paris_.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058017-(French) Don't worry, darling. Your song's not over yet.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058018-(French) Hmm, that looked like it hurt.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058019-(French) Back again' Good.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005802A-(humming).ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005802B-(French) I'm taking requests.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005802C-(French) And now, one of my favorites.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005802D-(French) If you followed the cat here, then you have come to the right place, my friends.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005802E-(French) Thank you all for coming out today!.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005802F-(French) Thank you all for coming out tonight!.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058020-(pained sound).ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058021-(pained sound).ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058022-(pained sound).ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058023-(pained sound).ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058025-(French) Hello, Paris! Welcome to the Cabaret Luna.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058028-(French) Come in! Relax and enjoy the show.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058029-(French) We’re so happy to have you here.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058030-(French) You’ve been a wonderful audience.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058031-(French) It's been a pleasure.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058032-(French) Thank you, thank you.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058033-(French) Come back soon.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/00000005806A-(French) What would you like to hear, darling_.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058068-(French) Don't worry, darling. Your song's not over yet.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058069-(French) (laugh) Aren’t you charming!.ogg
  • Luna (Paris Map)/000000058367-(French) Cabaret Luna is a place for all of us, free from oppression and those who would silence you. Here, you.ogg
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