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HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Map: Hollywood)
Category PC / Computer
Non-Playable Characters
Submitter GameBoy2936
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Zip Contents[87]
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/00000000BC51-Why are we stopped_.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/00000000BCA7-If you want to build something, get down to the props department!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/00000000BCB1-What do you think you're doing_ (sighs) I just had this washed last week!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/00000000BCB4-Roll credits.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/00000000BCB9-And... that's a wrap!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/00000000BCBC-Hey, watch the paint job!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/00000000BCBD-Thank you. About damn time!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/00000000BCC4-Smile for the camera!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/00000000BCC8-I could have walked faster than this.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/00000000BCCF-Now that's what I'm talking about!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/00000000BCD3-Hey... the end's in sight!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/00000000BCD4-And... scene.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/00000000BCD9-You could be a star, kid.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/00000000BCDB-Hello_ Anyone out there_.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/00000000BCDC-Last time I checked, this was not my trailer.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/00000000BCDE-You are all fired!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/00000000BCDF-I think I've seen you standing on Hollywood Boulevard taking pictures with tourists.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/000000063EE0-(Sigh) Why are we going so slow_ Is somebody sitting on top_.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/000000063EE1-Nance, one of the bodyguards is wearing a spooky Halloween costume. Can't tell if he's an adult or just a really.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/000000064AC1-Where the heck are my bodyguards_.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/000000064AC2-Are you the bodyguards I hired_ Get over here!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641C5-An art guy spent a month on those aliens. Kinda wish we'd used 'em for something.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641C6-And that moon dust is actually sand painted white. Trade secret!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641C7-The bloodiest scene we filmed happened in that saloon. Almost nobody died for real, and that's movie magic!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641C8-We did the big gunfight right here. Used real bullets. The actors complained, but don't they always_.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641C9-That's a real cactus. Cost me a fortune to fly 'em in.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641CA-That's not actually desert sand down there. It's moon dust. Had the crew paint it yellow. Looks good, right_.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641CB-(Laughing) Oh yeah. I tried to call this movie War in the Stars and got sued by basically everybody.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641CC-Ugh, this is bad. We're gonna be late to the meeting.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641CD-(Sigh) Look, do you expect me to get out and push_.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641CF-The meeting is that way. The way I'm pointing! Oh, right, the windows are tinted.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641D0-Anyone know how to crack a window on this thing_.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641D1-Cruising at a cool ten feet an hour. Somebody shoot me.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641D2-What are you attacking me for_ You working for my ex_.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641D3-We're running out of time! Get me there, and I'll double your bonuses... uh... triple 'em!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641D4-(Laughs) The trailer's just ahead!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641D5-Whoa, you're like an action hero, and I should know!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641D6-Better get going. The Silvermoon Studios people aren't as patient as I am.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641D7-What_ Cole Cassidy_ That's a brilliant name for a cowboy!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641D8-Hey Nancy, what was the ape's name again' Was it Winston_ Winston Overwatch_ Eh, that doesn't sound right.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641D9-Nance, I think I hired a hamster in a giant metal ball. Yeah yeah, I gotta check the contract next time.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641DA-Nance, I got that big knight guy from Overwatch here. Wait, Reinhardt Wilhelm_ That's his actual name_.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641DB-Don't think I should've hired the big lady, Nance. She has an axe and keeps eyeballing my neck.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641DC-Nance, I did it! I got an actual ninja for a bodyguard. Yeah, I know, dream come true.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641DD-Most valuable bodyguard!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641DE-Are you the bodyguards I hired_ Hurry up and get over here!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641DF-Hey, if you spot a golf cart, can you let me know_ That kid never brought it back.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641E0-Nance, I got Ana out here. Ana from Overwatch. Yeah, she's alive apparently.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641E1-Nancy, one of my bodyguards is Lucio. Yeah! What_ No, I'm not asking him for an autograph!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641E2-Hey, Nance_ I hired one of those gunbots. He beep boops all the time. It's crazy.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641E3-Oh no. Somebody call the union! And my lawyer!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641E4-Nancy, you should see this guy I hired. Has a bow, never smiles. Champion frowner.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641E5-Nance, I got the big ape from Overwatch out here. Wilbur, I think his name is.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641E6-Nance, one of my bodyguards is a guy with a fist. No, like a big metal fist. Huh_ No. Really big!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641E7-Holy moly. Glad I paid for the elite bodyguard package!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641E8-Kinda worried about this guy I hired, Nance. Basically covered in bombs. Giggles a lot.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641E9-Time for a retrospective!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641EA-Whoa, look at you!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641EB-Uh, Nance, one of my bodyguards showed up in a cloak. Yeah, he thinks it's Halloween or something.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641EC-We're almost there_ I mean, I never doubted you for a minute.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641ED-Nancy, remember Tracer from the cartoons_ And Overwatch, I guess_ She's my bodyguard. Wild, huh_.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641EF-The crew locked me in that jail as a gag once. For two weeks. Those crazy guys.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641F1-Let's get moving. I got papers to sign!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641F2-Wow. I'm tacking on a bonus for that shot!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641F3-Cmon, cmon, if we don't make it there soon, the Silvermoon deal's off!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641F4-Better get moving before someone asks us for autographs.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641F5-Ha! Nice try. This sucker is everything-proof.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641F6-(Disgruntled sigh) My repair guy said he fixed the engine. My repair guy's a moron.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641F7-Self-driving cars_ (Chuckles) More like self-driving beds. I'm gonna lay down.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641F8-How come we're going backwards_ Wait, are we filming a flashback_.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641F9-We're going the wrong way! Backwards is the wrong way!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641FA-Broken down again' I might as well buy the tow company and save a few bucks.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641FB-Guess I'll just get some reading done. What's this, a script_ Ugh, disgusting.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641FC-The Silvermoon business guys are calling again. Not good.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641FD-The studio keeps trying to tear this place down, but I won't let 'em. Magic happened here!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641FE-_You can't give the killer six guns,_ he said. _How's he gonna hold them_ Uh, _Six hands,_ I said. You should've.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000641FF-Little known trivia, I got married in that saloon on the 300th day of filming. Eh_ Fifth time's the charm!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/000000064200-Oof, the sale is making me nostalgic. Look at this old place. Almost hate to sign it away!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/000000064202-My trailer's up ahead. Oh I can almost taste the megabucks!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/000000064203-Hey, leave my bodyguards alone! They cost me a mint!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000648A1-Aw, you made me drop my phone!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000648A2-Don't attack me. Attack them!.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000648A3-Hey, did that leave a dent_ No, don't tell me. I don't wanna know.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/0000000648A4-Yow, is it hailing out there_.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/000000064875-Nancy_ I got a monk as a bodyguard here. No, not the punching kind. The serene kind. Not sure what I was thinking.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/000000064876-Uh, Nancy, this Roadhog guy I hired has a pig mask on. Yeah, no, that's on me. The name was right there.ogg
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot (Hollywood Map)/000000064877-Nance, got a lady out here with an ice gun. Huh_ No, it shoots ice. The other kind would be ridiculous.ogg
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