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Death (English)
Category PlayStation 2
Voice Lines
Submitter Lumpy Spirit
Size 7.70 MB
Format ZIP (application/zip)
Hits 13
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Zip Contents[34]
  • Ah-HA.wav
  • Alrighty then.wav
  • Augh.wav
  • But before you can get out dere, first you gotta release all da souls.wav
  • Come on now, give it up - Throw away all dem worries.wav
  • Da real world is outside, through the front door in da lobby.wav
  • Didja manage to pick up any lost souls.wav
  • From now on, unless you bring me all the souls, I ain't gonna take em from ya.wav
  • Good luck there buddyyyyyyyyy.wav
  • He-hey, of course I'll take it.wav
  • He-hey, thanks a lot - Here, I'll stamp your card for ya.wav
  • Hey, you don't look so good - Here, dis'll fix ya right up.wav
  • Hmmmm, shall I take it.wav
  • Just keep findin' em' and bringin' em back to me.wav
  • Let's see.wav
  • Like I promised, I'll show you da way back to da real world.wav
  • Oh, it's you.wav
  • Ok den, hand it over like we agreed.wav
  • Ok pal.wav
  • Shall I take it.wav
  • So ya brought two of em along, is that right.wav
  • So ya only brought me one, huh.wav
  • Wauuuuugh.wav
  • Well, that sure was quick.wav
  • Well, wouldja look at that - While we've been here jabberin'.wav
  • WHAAAA.wav
  • Whenever ya find one, go to sleep and I'll catch up with ya in your dreams.wav
  • Whole buncha new guests moved in, and dey got souls too.wav
  • Woah-ho, you brought three of em for me.wav
  • WO HO HO HO ho ho ho.wav
  • Ya brought me a lost soul already.wav
  • You've been a real help, pal.wav
  • Yup, I think dat's about all of em.wav
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