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Mummy Papa (English)
Category PlayStation 2
Voice Lines
Submitter Lumpy Spirit
Size 4.52 MB
Format ZIP (application/zip)
Hits 14
Comments 0

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Zip Contents[26]
  • (sigh).wav
  • Actually, I took the liberty of calling in a friend of mine.wav
  • Don't be shy, go ahead.wav
  • Ho ho ho ho.wav
  • Ho ho ho ho ho ho.wav
  • I've got some nice medicine for you.wav
  • Is that right.wav
  • Now now, no need to thank me.wav
  • Now then, bottom's up 1.wav
  • Now then, bottom's up 2.wav
  • Now who could that be.wav
  • Oh-hooooh.wav
  • Ohhhh....wav
  • Oh my.wav
  • Oogph (annoyed).wav
  • Oogph (happy).wav
  • Oogph (surprise).wav
  • Oogph.wav
  • oooOOOH 1.wav
  • oooOOOH 2.wav
  • oooooOOOOooooo.wav
  • So of course I'm not going to give it to you, ho ho ho ho.wav
  • Well then, I'll just have some myself.wav
  • Well this is strange.wav
  • When I'm holding this soul, it feels like it's helping me get better.wav
  • You're looking pretty pale there.wav
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