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Neko Zombie
Category PlayStation 2
Submitter Lumpy Spirit
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Zip Contents[90]
  • A dessert that's not too sweet or cold... chocolate.wav
  • Alright, tomorrow you'll be going after Judgement Boy's soul.wav
  • Also- when you're starting to lose your wits, use an herb item to restore your mental power.wav
  • Are you ready- then go ahead and try peeking into my room.wav
  • Around here, the power of your beliefs is everything.wav
  • Catherine looooves to draw blood from people she doesn't like.wav
  • Did you see me- now, I'll tell you about my weak points, yesss.wav
  • Did you sleep well - I've got to talk to you about you-know-what.wav
  • Don't give up on me now, head for the exit.wav
  • Do you know Catherine.wav
  • Do you know Judgement Boy.wav
  • Each of the guests in this hotel is carrying one.wav
  • Enough about that, what are you going to do now.wav
  • First, we'll practice peeking - Go out into the hall and look through the keyhole.wav
  • First, you've got to scope out their weak points without them noticing.wav
  • Good job, but Catherine's on the warpath- If she gets you, it's needle time.wav
  • Hurry up and take a peek.wav
  • I'll give you some hints about how to go around collecting people's souls.wav
  • I'm hungry, I'm hungry, Mrroww.wav
  • I'm hungry, mrroww.wav
  • I'm so hungry, mrroww.wav
  • I... don't need it anymore- here, you take it.wav
  • I don't need it, so you can have it.wav
  • I don't need your sympathy, mrroww.wav
  • I don't need your sympathy.wav
  • If you know the answer, come on in.wav
  • If your mental gage- the strength of your mind- drops to 0.wav
  • If you want to get back to reality, You've got to get out of here, fast.wav
  • I guess it won't be that easy to collect the souls after all.wav
  • I need to talk to you, yesss.wav
  • In that case, you should sleep in the bed in your room.wav
  • I picked this up a long time ago, here, you can take it, I don't need it.wav
  • I see... so if you collect all the lost souls, you'll be able to return home.wav
  • Is this what you're talking about.wav
  • James, is that you - Please don't tease me anymore, mrroww.wav
  • Judgement Boy came to the hotel to pass judgement on troubled hearts.wav
  • Meow 1.wav
  • Meow 2.wav
  • Meow 3.wav
  • Meow 4.wav
  • Meow 5.wav
  • Meow 6.wav
  • Meow 7.wav
  • Meow 8.wav
  • Mmmm, I see - You're going to meet him in your dreams.wav
  • Mumbling 1.wav
  • Mumbling 2.wav
  • My name is Neko Zombie, do you think I'm scary.wav
  • My weak point is food, you'll need to figure out what my favorite food is.wav
  • Nope, try again- mrroww.wav
  • Now, go look for Catherine's weak point and get her soul.wav
  • Now one last thing, yes.wav
  • Plus, when you read a book- yes- you can actually increase your mental gage.wav
  • Scream 1.wav
  • Scream 2.wav
  • Scream 3.wav
  • Scream 4.wav
  • She lives 2 doors down from me, in room 104.wav
  • Shhh, somebody's listening.wav
  • Since you guessed right on the first try, I'll give you another one.wav
  • So... how are you planning to deliver those souls back to death.wav
  • So... you have to know their weak points if you want to get those souls back.wav
  • So go get the key that's on the counter in the lobby.wav
  • So I need you to get the key to this door, yes.wav
  • So they're not going to give up their souls that easily.wav
  • So whenever you carry a soul, it'll resonate with your mind.wav
  • That's awful, mrroww.wav
  • That's how you find out everyone's weak points.wav
  • That's it- here, I'll give you this.wav
  • That's why I need you to get the key to this door from the front desk.wav
  • That means you have to consider when you're going to hand a soul over to death.wav
  • The guests in this hotel are planning to keep you trapped here for all eternity, yesss.wav
  • The mental gage represents the strength of your mind.wav
  • There are 12 souls in all you must find.wav
  • The world you want to get back to is just beyond that door... yesss... mrroww.wav
  • To get to the lobby, go straight and turn left at the end of the hall - mrroww.wav
  • Tomorrow's another big day, mrroww.wav
  • We meet at last.wav
  • What're you doing, hurry and get up.wav
  • What's that- I saved the worst for last.wav
  • What are you going to do now.wav
  • What can you do about it- simple, just run away.wav
  • What do you want, mrroww.wav
  • Where are you going.wav
  • Who's that, hmm.wav
  • Why am I telling you this- I'm just worried about you.wav
  • Yes, sorry about that.wav
  • You'll never be able to escape from this place, mrroww.wav
  • You... You're the one that moved in next door, aren't you.wav
  • You did a good job today, now go to your room and get some rest.wav
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