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Category PlayStation 2
Submitters Chirz, DKDave, Lumpy Spirit
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Zip Contents[145]
  • (ahem) I presume this is your doing, yes.wav
  • (sigh).wav
  • (Snorting).wav
  • (yawn) It's hard work trying to keep mama happy every day.wav
  • Aaaand Safe.wav
  • Ah, how nice to see you - and what can I do for y... HUH.wav
  • Ah yes, just recently she slipped on a banana peel that James left lying around.wav
  • All that awaits you behind that light is the torment of your own reality.wav
  • All that awaits you when you quit this game is the torment of reality.wav
  • And when that happens, it's up to me to light the fire again.wav
  • And who could that be.wav
  • As the manager of this hotel, I simply can not allow you to have that key.wav
  • Augh.wav
  • AUUUGH.wav
  • A word of warning, for your own safety please stay away from that cat in the next room.wav
  • But even so... (humph).wav
  • But where might you be going.wav
  • By opening the doors to the room on the first floor.wav
  • Can I help you with anything.wav
  • Catherine you say.wav
  • Chef stops moving when the fire on his head goes out.wav
  • Come along Chef, we're going.wav
  • DOHHHH.wav
  • Do you really think escaping from here will make you happy.wav
  • Do you really think quitting this game will make you happy.wav
  • Going... to fall... apart.wav
  • Good day, and how are we doing - I'm dreadfully sorry about all this.wav
  • Gregory Horror Show, Soul Collector... hehehe.wav
  • Hehehe 1.wav
  • Hehehe 2.wav
  • Hehehe 3.wav
  • Hehehe 4.wav
  • Hehehe 5.wav
  • Hehehe 6.wav
  • Hello.wav
  • Hello annoyed 1.wav
  • Hello annoyed 2.wav
  • Hello happy 1.wav
  • Hello happy 2.wav
  • He was once a beautiful creature with fine silky fur.wav
  • Hmmm.wav
  • How many times do I have to tell him not to come in here.wav
  • Huh, nothing happened.wav
  • Huuuh.wav
  • Hyup hup.wav
  • I'd better start getting ready to recieve the new guest.wav
  • I'll have this creature disposed of right away.wav
  • I'm afraid it's no use.wav
  • I'm sure a little reading will make all of your worries melt away.wav
  • I'm the one who has to clean up all of your messes.wav
  • I am Gregory, the manager of this establishment, pleased to make your acquaintance.wav
  • If I may ask, what are you doing.wav
  • If there's anything you desire, please don't hesitate to ask me.wav
  • If you're looking for such a book, I suggest you try the first floor library.wav
  • I must ask you to refrain from stepping behind the counter.wav
  • In the future, would you be so kind as to refrain from teasing Chef.wav
  • I really didn't want to unlock this door, but.wav
  • I say, your face looks awfully pale - Please, go back to your room and rest.wav
  • I see, you certainly are the reserved sort.wav
  • It's no use, give it up.wav
  • It's no use trying to escape from this place 1.wav
  • It's no use trying to escape from this place 2.wav
  • It's no use trying to quit this game.wav
  • It's the guest's fault that I get yelled at every day.wav
  • It couldn't be.wav
  • It would be wise not to make too much of a fuss.wav
  • I wish you a pleasant stay... for all eternity.wav
  • I won't be beaten.wav
  • James, you nasty child - stop throwing your garbage on the floor.wav
  • Little hehehe 1.wav
  • Little hehehe 2.wav
  • Little hehehe 3.wav
  • Little hehehe 4.wav
  • Little hehehe 5.wav
  • Mama will have herself a new victim soon enough.wav
  • Moving right along.wav
  • No, please, come back.wav
  • NOTE.txt
  • Not this piece of (ahem) this book.wav
  • Now then....wav
  • Now to get ready to recieve the new guests.wav
  • Oh, what a horrible thing.wav
  • Oh dear, oh dear.wav
  • Oh dear, the fire on his head's gone out again.wav
  • Oh no.wav
  • Oh nooooo.wav
  • Ow.wav
  • Pardon me.wav
  • Please, come again.wav
  • Please, don't come any closer.wav
  • Please, don't do that anymore.wav
  • Please, don't do this (ending line).wav
  • Please, don't do this.wav
  • Please, pull yourself together.wav
  • Please be careful that you don't do the same, otherwise you might slip and end up dropping something important.wav
  • Please come again, hehehe.wav
  • Please come back, if you go any farther the game will be over.wav
  • Please come back, there's nothing out there but cold, harsh reality.wav
  • Safe.wav
  • Screaming 1.wav
  • Screaming 2.wav
  • Sigh, gone already.wav
  • Since then, he's been a nasty beast that attacks anyone who draws near.wav
  • Someone sewed everything shut - eyes, mouth, ears.wav
  • Stop that.wav
  • That dark night when you came to us, have you forgotten it already.wav
  • That day you first played this game, have you forgotten it already.wav
  • That takes care of the cleaning on the second floor.wav
  • The cat that inhabits that room is the last remnant of a family that once caused us a great deal of trouble - a most dangerous cat indeed.wav
  • The endless suffering of reality awaits you if you leave 1.wav
  • The endless suffering of reality awaits you if you leave 2.wav
  • The fun's just getting started.wav
  • The key to the room next door.wav
  • Then, one stormy night long ago.wav
  • There's nothing for you out there.wav
  • This is quite serious, I'm afraid I'll have to confiscate it.wav
  • This is the game of hell, you'd better be ready.wav
  • Trying to escape from here will get you nowhere.wav
  • Ugh, what a pain in the....wav
  • W-where did you find... that book.wav
  • Watch yourself, now.wav
  • Welcome, welcome.wav
  • Welcome to Gregory House.wav
  • Welcome to Gregory Shop.wav
  • Well then, I guess it's about time I made the rounds of the hotel.wav
  • Well then.wav
  • What's this.wav
  • What a terrible bother.wav
  • What if someone stepped on it and had an accident.wav
  • Where are YOU going, no you mustn't.wav
  • Where is that brat - JAAAAAAMES.wav
  • Whew, what a day.wav
  • Who would you like to hear about.wav
  • Y'know, I think you should read something more tasteful.wav
  • You don't say - You found it in Catherine's room.wav
  • [STEREO] I'll keep your room ready for your return.wav
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