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King of Fighters XI
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King of Fighters XI
King of Fighters XI
Character Voices
Adel's Voices
Ash's Voices
Athena's Voices
Benimaru's Voices
Clark's Voices
Duck's Voices
Duolon's Voices
Eiji's Voices
Elisabeth's Voices
EX Kyo's Voices
Gai's Voices
Gato's Voices
Geese's Voices
Hayate's Voices
Hotaru's Voices
Iori's Voices
Jazu's Voices
Jenet's Voices
K's Voices
Kasumi's Voices
Kensou's Voices
Kim's Voices
King's Voices
Kula's Voices
Kyo's Voices
Magaki's Voices
Mai's Voices
Malin's Voices
Mary's Voices
Maxima's Voices
Momoko's Voices
Mr. Big's Voices
Oswald's Voices
Ralf's Voices
Ramon's Voices
Robert's Voices
Ryo's Voices
Shen's Voices
Shingo's Voices
Shion's Voices
Silber's Voices
Terry's Voices
Tizoc's Voices
Tung's Voices
Vanessa's Voices
Whip's Voices
Yuri's Voices
Announcer Voices
Sound Effects
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