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Sam "Serious" Stone
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Submitter Pantherk
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Zip Contents[92]
  • Sam Quotes/Aint ever killed anything in diapers before.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Aint no place like rome.wav
  • Sam Quotes/All this time travelling is gonna give me some Serious Jet Lag.wav
  • Sam Quotes/An alien science laboratory!.wav
  • Sam Quotes/And i thought Caeser's Palace Was in Vegas.wav
  • Sam Quotes/And like magic, you dissapeared in a puff of ammunition.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Another 20 of these and il have a necklace.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Aw, take me back i wanna play.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Aw, whats with the long face.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Aw crud i forgot my swimsuit.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Burn Baby Burn, Disco Inferno...wav
  • Sam Quotes/Civilization at last!, now wheres the nearest burget joint.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Crap, i just gave a statue whiplash.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Damn, i guess this is the abridged version.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Damn its hot, should have brought my sunscreen.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Dashing through the snow~ with rockets and grenades~ time to put some holes~ in an aliens face!.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Do i get a badge for killing you guys.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Double the Fun, Double the Fun Baby.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Egypt, Oh i've partied here before.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Enough with the bull already.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Excuse me, whilst i vent.wav
  • Sam Quotes/From the smell i guess this is the locker room.wav
  • Sam Quotes/GEEZ, Shes got a face like a bag of smashed crabs.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Great, i love blood sports.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Green Hawk Down!.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Ha, these guys have nothing on Ol' lady Liberty.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Hallelujah its raining freaks.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Hehehe... have i blown up enough things yet.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Hello, anybody there.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Helloooo, anyone home.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Here i am then.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Hey, Dumbo.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Hey, Pocket Money.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Hey Stickman!.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Hm, bet the rent is cheap around here.wav
  • Sam Quotes/How'd you get such a big arm.wav
  • Sam Quotes/How about that for a sting.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Huh, Closed, well i guess i better kill some time.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Huh, wonder what this is worth.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Huh, you shoot stuff a door opens, its a simple mechanic.wav
  • Sam Quotes/I asked for a burger, not a sub!.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Ice, if it isnt sand its ICE.wav
  • Sam Quotes/I feel like a Werbull in a china shop.wav
  • Sam Quotes/If im rockin', dont bother knockin'.wav
  • Sam Quotes/If i stepped off the edge, im not sure which side il fall.wav
  • Sam Quotes/I HATE THESE GUYS.wav
  • Sam Quotes/I hope this isnt one of those sappy romance novels.wav
  • Sam Quotes/I love mountain climbing.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Im building up quite a library here.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Im having a hell of a time staying dry.wav
  • Sam Quotes/It's a shooting gallery, and im the duck.wav
  • Sam Quotes/It's been a while since i spanked a monkey.wav
  • Sam Quotes/I think this is suppost to be happening.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Let me get this right, win Dragon orb and fire dragon orb, you cant make this stuff up.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Lets bust out of here.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Look at all this hot air.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Looks like squid is on the menu tonight.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Minigun, Maximum Pleasure.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Nevermind the Wine, wheres the Beer.wav
  • Sam Quotes/No Running, No Jumping, No Horseplay.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Now i know why Zeus keeps them in cages.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Now im having a Wheeliy good time.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Oh!.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Oh thats flamming ridiculous.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Ole!.wav
  • Sam Quotes/One man went to Moe, went to moe and Murder.wav
  • Sam Quotes/OU OU OU!, A NEW TOY!.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Ouugh, im feeling dizzy.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Play dead, pooch.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Seriously sharpshooting.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Somebody forgot to water the garden.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Studies say that, games with monkeys are 30% more fun.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Sweet, now i get to blow.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Thats not exactly an ideal wrist watch.wav
  • Sam Quotes/That was alot more fun than collecting keycards...wav
  • Sam Quotes/That wasnt me, i was nowhere near that when it fell.wav
  • Sam Quotes/The God Of War wears a skirt.wav
  • Sam Quotes/The Senate, maybe i can teach them a thing or 2 about kick butt.wav
  • Sam Quotes/This whole place is steam powered, just like me after a plate of beans.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Uzi Come, Uzi Go.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Well thats a load of flying bull.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Wereburgers are on the menu tonight.wav
  • Sam Quotes/What the hell are you suppost to be.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Wheres my serious kettle.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Wheres the furry dice.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Whistle.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Why is he so crabby.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Yay, a jumping puzzle i love jumping puzzles.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Yeah, i've got some big balls.wav
  • Sam Quotes/Yeah baby, got me some wheels.wav
  • Sam Quotes/You 8 legged freak!, im gonna shoot you!.wav
  • Sam Quotes/You guys are fishy.wav
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