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Tales of the Abyss
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Tales of the Abyss
Tales of the Abyss
Playable Characters
Anise Tatlin's Voice
Asch the Bloody's Voice
Guy Cecil's Voice
Jade Curtiss' Voice
Luke fon Fabre's Voice
Natalia Lanvaldear's Voice
Tear Grants' Voice
Arietta the Wild's Voice
Dist the Reaper's Voice
Largo the Black Lion's Voice
Legretta the Quick's Voice
Sync the Tempest's Voice
Battle Sounds
Boss Battle Conversations
Enemy Voices
Other Sound Effects
Tutorial Conversations
Other Characters
Ion's Voice
Mint Adnade's Voice
Mohs' Voice
Nanaly Fletch's Voice
Nebilim's Voice
Philia Philis' Voice
Reid Hershel's Voice
Van Grants' Voice
Playable Characters (Japanese)
Anise Tatlin
Asch the Bloody
Guy Cecil
Jade Curtiss
Luke fon Fabre
Natalia Lanvaldear
Tear Grants
Console Genre Developers
PlayStation 2 Turn-Based RPG Developer coming soon!
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