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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle
Sound Effects
Generic Battle
In-Game Dialogue
(Part 0) Ikuro Hashizawa/Baoh (DLC)
(Part 1) Dio Brando
(Part 1) Jonathan Joestar
(Part 1) William Anthonio Zeppeli
(Part 2) Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli
(Part 2) Esidisi
(Part 2) Joseph Joestar
(Part 2) Kars
(Part 2) Lisa Lisa (DLC)
(Part 2) Wamuu
(Part 3) DIO
(Part 3) Hol Horse
(Part 3) Iggy (DLC)
(Part 3) Jean Pierre Polnareff
(Part 3) Joseph Joestar (DLC)
(Part 3) Jotaro Kujo
(Part 3) Muhammad Avdol
(Part 3) Noriaki Kakyoin
(Part 3) Vanilla Ice (DLC)
(Part 4) Akira Otoishi
(Part 4) Josuke Higashikata
(Part 4) Koichi Hirose
(Part 4) Kosaku Kawajiri
(Part 4) Okuyasu Nijimura
(Part 4) Rohan Kishibe
(Part 4) Shigekiyo Yangu/Shigechi (DLC)
(Part 4) Yoshikage Kira (DLC)
(Part 5) Bruno Bucciarati
(Part 5) Diavolo
(Part 5) Giorno Giovanna
(Part 5) Guido Mista
(Part 5) Narancia Ghirga
(Part 5) Pannacotta Fugo (DLC)
(Part 6) Enrico Pucci
(Part 6) Ermes Costello
(Part 6) Jolyne Cujoh
(Part 6) Narciso Anasui (DLC)
(Part 7) Funny Valentine
(Part 7) Gyro Zeppeli
(Part 7) Johnny Joestar
(Part 8) Josuke Higashikata
Stage Voices & Sound Effects
Menu Dialogue
Announcer Battle Voices
Card Voices (Non-Playable Characters)
Card Voices (Playable Characters)
Menu Voices (DLC Characters)
Menu Voices (Non-Playable Characters)
Menu Voices (Playable Characters)
Console Genre Developers
PlayStation 3 Fighting Developer coming soon!
Tagging is in the works and will be here soon!
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Mar 29, 2021, 11:06 PM *
Feb 11, 2021, 12:55 PM *
Story mode voices were denied due to the new site rules. :(
DM me on Twitter (@Quasi_Detective) for a full sound rip from this game and others (such as Diamond Records, etc.)
Also, just for anyone curious and checking down here to ask: yes, these sets here DO include the character combat sounds (attack/damage grunts, death cries, etc.)! :)
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