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Category PlayStation 4
Sounds 160
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sprj_c1000 (Scourge Beast)
sprj_c1001 (Scourge Beast - Skeletal)
sprj_c1010 (Loran Cleric)
sprj_c1020 (Huntsman)
sprj_c1030 (Huntsman's Minions)
sprj_c1040 (Unused Labyrinth Watchers)
sprj_c1050 (Bell Ringer)
sprj_c1051 (Bell Ringer Variant)
sprj_c1060 (Brainsucker)
sprj_c1070 (Unused Egg - Larvae)
sprj_c1080 (Unused Chalice Dungeon Knights)
sprj_c1090 (Female Beast Patient)
sprj_c1091 (Male Beast Patient)
sprj_c1100 (Labyrinth Rat)
sprj_c1110 (Nightmare Apostle - Human Head)
sprj_c1111 (Nightmare Apostle)
sprj_c1120 (Rotted Corpse)
sprj_c1130 (Unused Oedon Chapel Dweller Enemy)
sprj_c1140 (Hunting Dog)
sprj_c1150 (Gel)
sprj_c1160 (Keeper's Hunting Dog)
sprj_c1170 (Carrion Crow)
sprj_c1171 (Carrion Crow - Dog Head)
sprj_c1180 (Wandering Nightmare)
sprj_c1190 (Large Wandering Nightmare)
sprj_c1210 (Gravekeeper Scorpion)
sprj_c1211 (Gravekeeper Scorpion Offspring Multiple)
sprj_c1212 (Gravekeeper Scorpion Offspring Singular)
sprj_c1220 (Lost Child of Antiquity)
sprj_c1230 (Hole Digger)
sprj_c1240 (Rabid Dog)
sprj_c1241 (Rabid Dog - Crow Head)
sprj_c1250 (Large Snake Ball)
sprj_c1260 (Snake Ball)
sprj_c1270 (Maneater Boar)
sprj_c1271 (Maneater Boar - Nightmare)
sprj_c1290 (Female Beast Patient)
sprj_c1300 (Nightmare Apostle - Human Head)
sprj_c1400 (Children of Rom)
sprj_c2000 (Executioner)
sprj_c2010 (Watcher's Gravediggers)
sprj_c2020 (Kidnapper)
sprj_c2030 (Unused Chalice Dungeon Halberd Knight)
sprj_c2040 (Skeletal Puppet)
sprj_c2050 (Mad One)
sprj_c2080 (Pilgrim)
sprj_c2090 (Blood-starved Beast)
sprj_c2100 (Eye Collector)
sprj_c2110 (Garden of Eyes)
sprj_c2120 (Shadows of Yharnam)
sprj_c2121 (Shadows of Yharnam Snake)
sprj_c2130 (Bloodlicker)
sprj_c2150 (Forsaken Castle Spirits)
sprj_c2160 (Keeper of the Old Lords)
sprj_c2170 (Snake Parasite)
sprj_c2180 (Loran Silverbeast)
sprj_c2190 (Parasite Larvae)
sprj_c2250 (Mergo's Attendants)
sprj_c2260 (Mergo's Chief Attendant)
sprj_c2300 (Unused Martyr Logarius)
sprj_c2310 (Unused Martyr Logarius)
sprj_c2320 (Martyr Logarius)
sprj_c2330 (Cain's Servant)
sprj_c2400 (Giant Lost Child)
sprj_c2500 (Small Celestial Emissary)
sprj_c2501 (Small Celestial Emissary)
sprj_c2510 (Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos)
sprj_c2520 (Celestial Child)
sprj_c2521 (Celestial Child)
sprj_c2530 (Fluorescent Flower)
sprj_c2540 (Crawler)
sprj_c2550 (Large Crawler)
sprj_c2560 (Winter Lantern)
sprj_c2570 (Celestial Emissary)
sprj_c2571 (Celestial Emissary)
sprj_c2600 (Large Huntsmen)
sprj_c2610 (Hemwick Grave Women)
sprj_c2620 (Wheelchair Huntsman)
sprj_c2630 (Huntsmen)
sprj_c2650 (Unused Hunstman)
sprj_c2700 (Church Servants)
sprj_c2710 (Father Gascoigne)
sprj_c2720 (Father Gascoigne - Beast)
sprj_c2730 (Church Giants)
sprj_c2740 (Scholar)
sprj_c2800 (Unused Labyrinth Watchers)
sprj_c2810 (Unused Labyrinth Watchers)
sprj_c2910 (Unused King of Skeleton)
sprj_c3000 (Labyrinth Ritekeeper)
sprj_c3010 (Labyrinth Watchers)
sprj_c3020 (Labyrinth Warrior)
sprj_c3030 (Labyrinth Madmen)
sprj_c3040 (Watcher Chieftains)
sprj_c3050 (Pthumerian Descendant)
sprj_c3060 (Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen)
sprj_c3100 (Cramped Casket)
sprj_c3110 (Unused Caster Soul Enemy)
sprj_c3120 (Evil Labyrinth Spirit)
sprj_c3130 (Undead Giant)
sprj_c3200 (Unused Water Gel Enemy)
sprj_c4000_eng (Old Hunters)
sprj_c4010 (Nightmare Executioners)
sprj_c4020 (Clocktower Patients)
sprj_c4021 (Clocktower Patient - Crawling)
sprj_c4022 (Clocktower Patient - Head)
sprj_c4023_eng (Adeline, Research Hall Patient)
sprj_c4030 (Living Failures)
sprj_c4040 (Fishmen)
sprj_c4050 (Fishman Mage)
sprj_c4051 (Fishman Mage)
sprj_c4060 (Giant Fishmen)
sprj_c4070 (Snail Women)
sprj_c4080 (Fish Dog)
sprj_c4090 (Unused DLC Corpse Enemy)
sprj_c4100 (DLC Rabid Dog)
sprj_c4110 (DLC Huntsmen)
sprj_c4130 (DLC Bloodlicker)
sprj_c4140 (Female Beast Patient)
sprj_c4150 (Clocktower Patient)
sprj_c4160 (Clocktower Patient - Head)
sprj_c4500 (Laurence, the First Vicar)
sprj_c4510 (Ludwig the Accursed - the Holy Blade)
sprj_c4511 (Ludwig, the Holy Blade - Head)
sprj_c4520 (Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower)
sprj_c4540 (Orphan of Kos)
sprj_c4541 (Orphan of Kos 2nd Stage)
sprj_c4550 (Orphan of Kos Soul)
sprj_c5000 (Cleric Beast)
sprj_c5010 (Watchdog of the Old Lords)
sprj_c5020 (Vicar Amelia)
sprj_c5030 (Unused Large Snake Ball Boss)
sprj_c5032 (Snake Tendril)
sprj_c5033 (Snake Tendril)
sprj_c5040 (Abhorrent Beast)
sprj_c5070 (The One Reborn)
sprj_c5071 (The One Reborn Small Part)
sprj_c5080 (Darkbeast Paarl)
sprj_c5090 (Abhorrent Beast - Larvae Head)
sprj_c5100 (Rom, the Vacuous Spider)
sprj_c5110 (Unused Big Electric Dog Boss)
sprj_c5120 (Amygdala)
sprj_c5130 (Provost - Master Willem)
sprj_c5140 (Amygdala)
sprj_c5150 (Brain of Mensis)
sprj_c5160 (Brain of Mensis)
sprj_c5400 (Moon Presence)
sprj_c5420 (Unused Moon Presence)
sprj_c5500 (Unused Lesser Demon)
sprj_c5510 (Mergo's Wet Nurse)
sprj_c5520 (Unused Two-Headed Demon Boss)
sprj_c7000 (Unused Beast Knights)
sprj_c7010 (Unused Chubby Reindeer Antler Demon)
sprj_c7500 (Beast-possessed Soul)
sprj_c8020 (Slug Princess)
sprj_c8030 (The Doll)
sprj_c8040_eng (Gehrman Wheelchair)
sprj_c8050_eng (Gehrman, the First Hunter)
sprj_c9000 (Unused Knight)
sprj_c7100 (Minigun)
sprj_c7110 (Cainhurst Carriage)
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Mar 28, 2023, 9:24 PM
Currently Bloodborne seems to be the only Soulsborne game which has section in here
Nov 14, 2021, 11:52 AM
awesome, thank you for uploading these
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