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Sounds Submitted 70
Games Submitted To 13
Largest Console
(by Games)
PC / Computer
(8 games)
Largest Console
(by Sounds)
PC / Computer
(44 sounds)
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Biggest Contributions
Tekken 3
Tekken 3

(22 sounds)
Crazy Taxi
Crazy Taxi

(13 sounds)

(8 sounds)
Most Popular Sounds
1 Tekken 3 Sound Effects 4,910 hits
2 Tekken 3 Announcer 4,097 hits
3 Tekken 3 Yoshimitsu 3,349 hits
4 South Park Rally Common Sound Effects 2,774 hits
5 South Park Rally Menu Sound Effects 2,769 hits
6 Tekken 3 Anna 2,503 hits
7 Tekken 3 Jin 2,363 hits
8 Tekken 3 Law 2,330 hits
9 Tekken 3 Paul 2,325 hits
10 Tekken 3 Gun Jack 2,040 hits
Game Boy Advance Sounds
Astérix & Obélix XXL All Sound Effects
PC / Computer Sounds
Asterix & Obelix XXL Sound Effects
Asterix Mega Madness Sound Effects
Asterix: Gallic War Dutch
Asterix: Gallic War English
Asterix: Gallic War French
Asterix: Gallic War German
Asterix: Gallic War Italian
Asterix: Gallic War Sound Effects
Asterix: Gallic War Spanish
Crazy Taxi Axel
Crazy Taxi B.D. Joe
Crazy Taxi Calling/Screaming
Crazy Taxi Crazy Box
Crazy Taxi Gena
Crazy Taxi Gus
Crazy Taxi Man 1
Crazy Taxi Man 2
Crazy Taxi Menu/Ingame
Crazy Taxi Sound Effects
Crazy Taxi Woman 1
Crazy Taxi Woman 2
Crazy Taxi Woman 3
Expendable Aliens
Expendable Ambience
Expendable Animals
Expendable Footsteps
Expendable Miscellaneous
Expendable Movers
Expendable Vehicles
Expendable Weapons
Lucky Luke: Western Fever Dutch
Lucky Luke: Western Fever English
Lucky Luke: Western Fever French
Lucky Luke: Western Fever German
Lucky Luke: Western Fever Italian
Lucky Luke: Western Fever Sound Effects
Lucky Luke: Western Fever Spanish
Monsters Inc.: Scare Island Mike
Monsters Inc.: Scare Island Randall
Monsters Inc.: Scare Island Sound Effects
Monsters Inc.: Scare Island Sulley
South Park Rally Common Sound Effects
South Park Rally Menu Sound Effects
South Park Rally Other Sound Effects
PlayStation Sounds
Circuit Breakers All Sounds
Millennium Soldier Expendable Sound Effects
Tekken 3 Anna
Tekken 3 Announcer
Tekken 3 Bryan
Tekken 3 Dr. B
Tekken 3 Eddy
Tekken 3 Gon
Tekken 3 Gun Jack
Tekken 3 Heihachi
Tekken 3 Hwoarang
Tekken 3 Jin
Tekken 3 Julia
Tekken 3 King
Tekken 3 Law
Tekken 3 Lei
Tekken 3 Mokujin
Tekken 3 Nina
Tekken 3 Ogre
Tekken 3 Panda/Kuma
Tekken 3 Paul
Tekken 3 Sound Effects
Tekken 3 Xiaoyu
Tekken 3 Yoshimitsu
PlayStation 2 Sounds
Circuit Blasters Sound Effects
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