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Sounds Submitted 132
Games Submitted To 4
Largest Console (by Games) PC / Computer (4 games)
Largest Console (by Sounds) PC / Computer (132 sounds)
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Most Popular Sounds
(3 NSFW sounds not included)
1 PAYDAY 2 Duke 351 hits
2 PAYDAY 2 Bain 343 hits
3 PAYDAY 2 Police Radio 320 hits
4 PAYDAY 2 Mexican Cops / Mercs 301 hits
5 Prey Harvester 296 hits
6 PAYDAY: The Heist Unused Bain, Megaphone Cop and SWAT Voice Variants and More 276 hits
7 PAYDAY 2 Guard Radio 267 hits
8 PAYDAY 2 Cpt. Winters 263 hits
9 Prey Droid 252 hits
10 PAYDAY 2 Russian Mercenaries 251 hits
PC / Computer Sounds
[132, 61 hidden]
PAYDAY 2 Aldstone
PAYDAY 2 Bank Teller & Client
PAYDAY 2 Civilian
PAYDAY 2 Cpt. Winters
PAYDAY 2 Croupier
PAYDAY 2 Easystore Lines
PAYDAY 2 GO Bank's Cut Phone Calls
PAYDAY 2 Great Train Heist
PAYDAY 2 Guard Radio
PAYDAY 2 Mexican Cops / Mercs
PAYDAY 2 Old Stockholm Syndrome Voice Lines
PAYDAY 2 Police Radio
PAYDAY 2 Russian Mercenaries
PAYDAY: The Heist Bain
PAYDAY: The Heist Civilians
PAYDAY: The Heist Guards, Cops and Hostage Rescue Team
PAYDAY: The Heist Megaphone Cop
PAYDAY: The Heist Unused Bain, Megaphone Cop and SWAT Voice Variants and More
Prey Art Bell's Radio Show Segments
Prey Bio Labs (Level 11 & 12 Hidden Agenda & Jen)
Prey Centurion
Prey Deathwalk (triggers only once)
Prey Droid
Prey E3 Demo
Prey Epilogue Radio Segment
Prey Fodder
Prey Gasbag
Prey Generic NPC Lines
Prey Harvester
Prey Hound
Prey Hunter
Prey Hunter
Prey Keeper
Prey Kids
Prey Level 00 Last Call (prologue & epilogue)
Prey Level 01 Escape Velocity
Prey Level 02 Downward Spiral
Prey Level 03 Rites of Passage
Prey Level 03 Rites of Passage
Prey Level 04 & 05 Second Chances & All Fall Down
Prey Level 06 Crash Landing
Prey Level 07 Sacrifices
Prey Level 08 There are Others
Prey Level 09 & 10 Guiding Fires & The Old Tribes
Prey Level 13 The Dark Harvest
Prey Level 14 Following Her
Prey Level 16 Ascent
Prey Level 17 Center of Gravity
Prey Level 18 Resolutions
Prey Level 20 Facing the Enemy
Prey Level 21 Mother's Embrace
Prey Multiplayer Announcer (Sphere)
Prey Mutate
Prey Mutate Alt.
Prey Mutilated Human
Prey Talon
Prey Wraith
Prey Yuppie
Shadow Warrior (2013) Dialogue Between Lo Wang and Hoji
Shadow Warrior (2013) Enra
Shadow Warrior (2013) Gozu
Shadow Warrior (2013) Hoji
Shadow Warrior (2013) Jenny Marie
Shadow Warrior (2013) Kyokogami (Assasin Twins)
Shadow Warrior (2013) Lo Wang
Shadow Warrior (2013) Mezu
Shadow Warrior (2013) Mizayaki
Shadow Warrior (2013) Orochi Zilla
Shadow Warrior (2013) Xing
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