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Sounds Submitted 29
Games Submitted To 6
Largest Console (by Games) Nintendo 64 (3 games)
Largest Console (by Sounds) Nintendo 64 (18 sounds)
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Biggest Contributions
Fighters Destiny
Fighters Destiny

(15 sounds)
Bloody Roar
Bloody Roar

(9 sounds)
Pokémon Stadium
Pokémon Stadium

(2 sounds)
Most Popular Sounds
1 Street Fighter II/Street Fighter II Turbo Sound Effects 1,276 hits
2 Street Fighter Alpha 3 Announcer 768 hits
3 F-Zero X Announcer 541 hits
4 Pokémon Stadium Pokémon Cries 516 hits
5 Pokémon Stadium Announcer (German) 244 hits
6 Bloody Roar Alice 242 hits
7 Bloody Roar Yugo 203 hits
8 Fighters Destiny Announcer 199 hits
9 Fighters Destiny Ninja 195 hits
10 Bloody Roar Gado 186 hits
Arcade Sounds
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Announcer
Nintendo 64 Sounds
F-Zero X Announcer
Fighters Destiny Abdul
Fighters Destiny Announcer
Fighters Destiny Bob (Pablo)
Fighters Destiny Boro (Heidi)
Fighters Destiny Joker
Fighters Destiny Leon
Fighters Destiny Master
Fighters Destiny Mei Ling
Fighters Destiny Ninja
Fighters Destiny Pierre
Fighters Destiny Robert
Fighters Destiny Ryuji
Fighters Destiny Tomahawk
Fighters Destiny Ushi (Emil)
Fighters Destiny Valerie (Sabine)
Pokémon Stadium Announcer (German)
Pokémon Stadium Pokémon Cries
PlayStation Sounds
Bloody Roar Alice
Bloody Roar Bakuryu
Bloody Roar Fox
Bloody Roar Gado
Bloody Roar Greg
Bloody Roar Long
Bloody Roar Mitsuko
Bloody Roar Uriko
Bloody Roar Yugo
SNES Sounds
Street Fighter II/Street Fighter II Turbo Sound Effects
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