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Category Xbox
Submitter iteachvader
Size 229.00 MB
Format ZIP (application/zip)
Hits 2,897
Comments 4

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Zip Contents[16]
  • sound000.wav
  • sound001.wav
  • sound002.wav
  • sound003.wav
  • sound004.wav
  • sound005.wav
  • sound006.wav
  • sound007.wav
  • sound008.wav
  • sound009.wav
  • sound010.wav
  • sound011.wav
  • sound012.wav
  • sound013.wav
  • sound014.wav
  • sound015.wav
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Sep 26, 2016, 9:31 AM
I actually only separated the minute long ambience sounds from the rest. I have not messed with your organization otherwise.
Sep 25, 2016, 1:57 PM
That's what I had done, Shade. However the moderator who managed this upload merged them together into one giant file after I went through the trouble of organizing the sounds into multiple .ZIPs.
Sep 23, 2016, 3:35 PM
Generally, it's best to keep submissions under 200 MB, though the actual limit is a bit higher than that, as showcased here. Separating your submission into smaller .ZIPs is definitely preferred as to not make download sizes too massive (not everyone has amazing internet speeds) so going through the trouble of organizing things into several smaller submissions is always appreciated!
Sep 21, 2016, 9:17 AM
Well, dang. What on earth is the new filesize limit? I thought it was somewhere around 100 mb. If I had known it beforehand, I wouldn't have had to go through the trouble of separating the sounds into separate .ZIPs.
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