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Posted by GrooveMan.exe - November 21, 2010 - 2:20 PM
What's happening?
Things have been incredibly busy as of late. I now have both a Job and University classes taking up my time; which didn't gel well at all with my update scheme (or my Internet life in general).
As such, there will be a change in how I'll update this; with more frequent, small updates, rather than blocks of 50 uploads. I'm also looking for someone to assist with uploading in the times where I'm not here; so look out for that.

In more positive news, we now have more Kingdom Hearts voice clips, courtesy of Zerox! Kingdom Hearts 2 voice clips are also on the way. Just wonderful. <3

Stay cool!
Sounds in this update: 55
DS / DSi Sounds: 15
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Link's Voice
Mario Kart DS Bowser's Voice
Mario Kart DS Daisy's Voice
Mario Kart DS Donkey Kong's Voice
Mario Kart DS Dry Bones' Voice
Mario Kart DS Luigi's Voice
Mario Kart DS Mario's Voice
Mario Kart DS Nintendo Screen
Mario Kart DS Peach's Voice
Mario Kart DS R.O.B.'s Voice
Mario Kart DS Shy Guy's Voice
Mario Kart DS Toad's Voice
Mario Kart DS Waluigi's Voice
Mario Kart DS Wario's Voice
Mario Kart DS Yoshi's Voice
Genesis / 32X / SCD Sounds: 6
Ghostbusters All Sound Effects
Gunstar Heroes All Sound Effects
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure All Sound Effects
Streets of Rage 2 All Sound Effects
ToeJam & Earl Voice Samples
Two Crude Dudes All Sound Effects
NES Sounds: 3
Castlevania All Sound Effects
Ninja Gaiden All Sound Effects
Wrecking Crew All Sound Effects
PC / Computer Sounds: 10
Touhou Bunkachou (Double Spoiler) All Sound Effects
Touhou Bunkachou (Shoot the Bullet) All Sound Effects
Touhou Chireiden (Subterranean Animism) All Sound Effects
Touhou Eiyashou (Imperishable Night) All Sound Effects
Touhou Fuujinroku (Mountain of Faith) All Sound Effects
Touhou Kaeidzuka (Phantasmagoria of Flower View) All Sound Effects
Touhou Sangetsusei (The Great Fairy Wars) All Sound Effects
Touhou Seirensen (Undefined Fantastic Object) All Sound Effects
Touhou Youyoumu (Perfect Cherry Blossom) All Sound Effects
Warcraft 2 All Sound Effects
PlayStation Sounds: 1
Tekken 2 All Fighter Voices
PlayStation 2 Sounds: 20
Kingdom Hearts Ansem's Voice
Kingdom Hearts Captain Hook's Voice
Kingdom Hearts Clayton's Voice
Kingdom Hearts Genie's Voice
Kingdom Hearts Hades' Voice
Kingdom Hearts Hercules' Voice
Kingdom Hearts Iago's Voice
Kingdom Hearts Jafaar's Voice
Kingdom Hearts Jasmine's Voice
Kingdom Hearts Leon's (Squall's) Voice
Kingdom Hearts Lock, Shock and Barrel's Voices
Kingdom Hearts Maleficent's Voice
Kingdom Hearts Oogie Boogie's Voice
Kingdom Hearts Pinnochio's Voice
Kingdom Hearts Queen of Hearts' Voice
Kingdom Hearts Riku's Voice
Kingdom Hearts Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka's Voices
Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth's Voice
Kingdom Hearts Ursula's Voice
Kingdom Hearts Yuffie's Voice

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