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Judgement Boy Gold
Category PlayStation 2
Submitter Lumpy Spirit
Size 9.06 MB
Format ZIP (application/zip)
Hits 114
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Zip Contents[47]
  • As a prize, I'll give you your FINAL JUDGE A MENT.wav
  • Before you get into any more trouble.wav
  • Congratulations, your amazing skills have gotten you this far.wav
  • Don't tell me you're still wandering around this place.wav
  • Do you know my name 1.wav
  • Do you know my name 2.wav
  • Do you want another one of my golden judgements.wav
  • He's gone into the storeroom, what IS he doing there.wav
  • He always goes to a certain place at 8 in the morning.wav
  • Here we go 1.wav
  • Here we go 2.wav
  • HUH.wav
  • I see.wav
  • Is watching TV in the conference room.wav
  • JUDGE A MENT 1.wav
  • JUDGE A MENT 2.wav
  • Mhmmm.wav
  • MUAH HA HA HA.wav
  • Now, let's begin the final judge a ment.wav
  • Oh ho ho ho ho.wav
  • PATHETIC.wav
  • Right.wav
  • She's eating a snack and watching TV in the conference room.wav
  • She's on a date with someone at the bar.wav
  • She suddenly starts arguing with someone, but WHO.wav
  • So, what IS he watching.wav
  • So, what is she eating.wav
  • So, what will you do.wav
  • So, where DOES he go.wav
  • That's it boys, just like that.wav
  • That's the truth, see you later.wav
  • Understood.wav
  • What's this.wav
  • Which tool do you use to steal TV Fish's soul.wav
  • Whoooo's there.wav
  • WOAH.wav
  • WOAHHLBLblbl.wav
  • WoOaOAOAooh.wav
  • WUH.wav
  • You're chasing Angel Dog.wav
  • You're chasing My Son.wav
  • You're hot on the trail of Cactus Gunman, trying to steal his soul.wav
  • You're spying on Catherine.wav
  • You're spying on Mummy Papa.wav
  • You're spying on TV Fish.wav
  • You ought to know what you've got to do next, now get back to your room.wav
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