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Judgement Boy
Category PlayStation 2
Submitter Lumpy Spirit
Size 10.49 MB
Format ZIP (application/zip)
Hits 125
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Zip Contents[45]
  • (sigh).wav
  • AHH.wav
  • Alrighty then, let's ask the SCALES OF TRUTH.wav
  • And that's the truth, see ya.wav
  • And your mother, fed up with your wishy-washiness, never let you keep a pet again.wav
  • At last, you followed the path you created for yourself and found your way back to the real world.wav
  • But the hotel is full of danger, you can't run and you can't hide.wav
  • Do you know my name 1.wav
  • Do you know my name 2.wav
  • Do you know my name 3.wav
  • Eventually you got used to the hotel and became another happy resident of Gregory House.wav
  • HERE WE GO.wav
  • Hmmmm- now that I look at you more closely, I can see you have an awful lot on your mind.wav
  • If you ever want my help, just bring a symbol of your problem.wav
  • In the end, no matter how tough things got, you came through in the end.wav
  • In the end, you convinced yourself you couldn't do it, and gave up collecting the souls.wav
  • In the end, you couldn't decide which one to get.wav
  • In the pet shop next door, there's a cute little dog and a darling little cat.wav
  • I see.wav
  • It's Judgement Boy, Judgement Boy 1.wav
  • It's Judgement Boy, Judgement Boy 2.wav
  • JUDGEMENT 1.wav
  • JUDGEMENT 2.wav
  • Mhmm.wav
  • NYAH.wav
  • One day, your mother says it's ok for you to keep a pet.wav
  • So, what do you do.wav
  • So, what do you do 2.wav
  • So, what will you do.wav
  • Then I'll give you one of my special judgements.wav
  • There's only one way to get back to the real world- you must collect LOST SOUuUuLS.wav
  • Well then, it's time to juUuUdge which path your life will take.wav
  • Whaaaat.wav
  • WHAT.wav
  • Which will it be, money or love- only the scales know for sure.wav
  • Whoooo's there.wav
  • WOAAAHHHblblblblbl.wav
  • YO GOLD.wav
  • You're a bright young man who's accidentally wandered into a hotel from another dimension.wav
  • You're a charming young woman who's accidentally wandered into a hotel from another dimension.wav
  • You're a little kid, you want a pet more than anything else in the world.wav
  • You're carrying a self help book, aren't you.wav
  • You bravely faced your fears and followed the correct path, I'll give you a fabulous prize.wav
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