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Beep beep boop, almost 700 sounds whoop
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Posted by Kosheh - August 25, 2018 - 3:33 PM
Hey it's here a new update's arrived! And it's HUGE!!!

I was going to make a brief post with just a few games listed, but there's so much variety and platforms here that this post would go on forever - so I'll try to keep it brief. There's a lot of Fate series content in these updates...and rips that I didn't even know were possible haha. There's content from Mario Kart Arcade GP DX and Crash N.Sane Trilogy rips too! Taking a glance, there's a lot of multi-language VO that's been ripped so if you're into that, go and give it a listen!

Speaking of multi-language, I really need to brush up on my Japanese - I'm going there in three weeks and the first thing that still comes to mind is "Where are you from?" (.__.;)

Anyway, enjoy these updates!!! There's a ton wewew
Sounds in this update: 681 (Show Sounds)(13 NSFW sounds hidden.)

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Aug 30, 2018, 10:14 AM
Brings heavy tears to my eyes
Seeing this place get updated
Bless you guys
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